Charcoal Stabilizer Charcoal Stabilizer

Charcoal Stabilizer This tutorial was created to inform users in search of some information on how to find some Charcoal Stabilizer in the Online MMORPG Game Archeage. So lets get started. The first thing you will need to do, before you are able to get any Charcoal Stabilizer, is create a trade pack. This is accomplished by gathering the proper materials for any specific trade pack. You can either farm them yourself, or possibly buy them from the Auction House. If you go to any of the locations in the list below, you will find a "Specialty Workbench". This is where you will be able to craft a trade pack or to just find out which materials you will need in that area. ( You can also just press 'O' and then select 'Commerce' to see a list of all the trade packs that can be crafted and the materials needed. )

Below is a list of the locations in Archeage where you can find a specialty bench:

* You can also click the 'Vocation" tab in the bottom right of the screen, then select 'Trade Info' to see a list of percentages which will determine your payout at that current time when you turn in a trade pack to a specific location.

To find the Specialty Workbench that is located in any of the above regions, you will need to locate the "Specialty Workbench" icon in that region. See Image. Specialty Bench Icon One easy way to do so is to press "M" to open up your map. If you look at that right side of the map you will see a "Infrastructure" tab. If you click the arrow, you will see a drop down list of all the icons in that category. Specialty Bench Uncheck ALL of them except "Specialty Workbench". Do the same on the other two tabs so that none of the icons related to them will be showing. Now zoom out on the map so you can see the entire region. Now you can keep checking/unchecking the "Specialty Workbench" icon to make it easily noticable.

Once you reach the Specialty Workbench, the next step is figuring out which trade pack you would like to create and what materials you are going to need. If you interact with the workbench you will see a crafting menu. This will display a list of the trade packs that can be created at this particular workbench. You can either harvest them yourself or buy them from the Auction House.

Specialty Bench Menu

Now you have created a trade pack, congratulations. The next step is to bring this trade pack to a "Resource Trader" that rewards Charcoal Stabilizers depending on the value of your trade pack. These are referred to on your map as an icon in the shape of a star. You can only trade your pack to a Resource trader opposite of the continent it was created on. This means you are going to be taking an ocean voyage. You can take your rowboat or you can take a merchant ship with 20 trade packs. Either way, it is best to travel with as many friends as possible.

Check below to determine where you will need to bring your trade pack to recieve Charcoal Stabilizers:

Crafted On: Turn In:
Nuia Solis Headlands
Haranya Two Crowns
Solis Headlands Resource Trader Two Crowns Resource Trader

Crossing the sea can be very dangerous if you travel alone. You can be killed by the opposing faction or by pirates. This is done all the time and can actually be fun to do when you get to higher levels. It is always good to have some friends or guild members join you. The more people you have, the less likely the chance of you losing your trade pack and the more likely you will be able to take the enemies trade packs.

When I create Trade Packs that I am going to turn in for Charcoal, I make them in the farthest possible region AWAY fron the turn in zone. (The farther the distance you have to travel, the bigger the payout). For Example, I create a Trade Pack in Gweonid Forest, then turn it in to Solis Headlands for 19 Charcoal when the payout is 130%. If I were to make a Trade Pack in Halcyona, I would only get 14 at 130%. See the differance? Halcyona is a lot closer to Solis Headlands then Gweonid Forest so the payout will be less. Ultimately it is up to you whether you feel like taking the extra time to make a few more Charcoal, or if you just want to bang them out as quick as possible for a bulk return. Either way you do it, Charcoal always sells quickly on the AH, So it is a good way to make some gold. Keep in Mind, you will recieve your Charcoal 22 hours after delivery. You do not get the Charcoal as soon as your turn the trade pack in.

So there you have it. You should now be able to get some Charcoal Stabilizer in Archeage no matter what faction you are in.

Thanks and Good Luck out there!