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Escape From Tarkov
Key Guide 2018

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*NEW 1/12/2019 - Ok so EVERYTHING IS UPDATED TO PATCH .11 except which trader sells what mod. Might have missed something here or there. Let me know if i did please. I will be going through and updating that now that everything else is set as far as weapons and mods. Will let you know when that is accurate as well. ALL THE MODS WERE TESTED BY ME, so if it says it will fit on that weapon, it will fit on that weapon. Just need to figure out the right combo. AMMUNITION STATS are current with .11 as well. Finally finished and once I am done updating which mods are sold by which trader, I will be starting the new layout I have planned. So I hope this all helps and Enjoy!!! See you out there... Strawbridge420 -

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